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In this Sampler, you will find 64 of the hundreds of self-correcting activities from the NEW VersaTiles Math CD-ROMs, levels 1–8. All activities are designed to reinforce math skills and are correlated to NCTM Standards. Try VersaTiles with your students and watch while these delightful activities captivate their attention!

To begin, click on the Sample Activities link above and choose the level and strand you are interested in. For step-by-step instructions on how to complete each VersaTiles activity, click on the Help button located on the left-hand side of the activity page.
  VersaTiles is a highly successful supplemental math program that allows teachers to assign classroom-tested activities according to individual ability levels. Students are able to work independently and at their own pace, receiving immediate feedback while correcting their own work. This process not only facilitates skill reinforcement, it also improves students’ self-confidence and gives them a sense of pride that comes from successful academic achievement. Best of all, both teachers and students praise the many benefits of this developmentally sequenced program.
Teacher Benefits
Maximizes instructional time with minimal preparation and supervision
Allows teachers to work with small groups while other students are engaged in individualized purposeful practice
A positive learning environment is created by students’ success
Easy to implement into any curriculum
Helps improve student test scores
Non-consumable—no photocopying, no papers to grade
Student Benefits
Fun and easy to use
Self-correcting format allows students to make mistakes without fear of embarrassment
Self-directed, so students can work independently and at their own pace
Colorful and engaging, while providing skill reinforcement
Builds students’ self-confidence and desire to learn

VersaTiles Math CD-ROM

Give your students purposeful math practice on the classroom computer or in the computer lab. The VersaTiles CD-ROM for each grade level, 1–8, features hundreds of self-correcting activities, perfect for centers, after-school programs, or summer school. And when you combine your existing VersaTiles Math Labs with the NEW companion CD-ROM, more students will be able to independently master essential math skills through engaging VersaTiles activities.

The VersaTiles Math CD-ROM is available in two different formats:
Network CD-ROM
The VersaTiles Math Network CD-ROM will provide your entire school with VersaTiles activities! Includes over 1,600 math activities for grades 1–8 on one CD-ROM.
Individual Level CD-ROM
Available for grades 1–8, each CD-ROM includes over 200 activities that cover five math strands (each level CD-ROM sold separately).

Includes 40 non-consumable Student Activity Books (five copies each of eight titles), 10 Answer Cases, a Teacher's Resource Guide, and a level-specific CD-ROM.
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