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About ETA/Cuisenaire

ETA was founded in 1965 as a privately owned company to provide elementary school educators with manipulative products for teaching perception, discrimination, and eye-hand coordination.

In April 2000, ETA acquired Cuisenaire Company of America, formerly part of Pearson Education, and became ETA/Cuisenaire. Cuisenaire Company of America, founded in 1958, was one of the first companies in the United States to focus on math manipulative products. Widely recognized in the educational community for high-quality products and educational content, Cuisenaire was best known for its pioneering Cuisenaire® Rods, which are used to help children master math concepts through hands-on explorations. Other well-known and respected Cuisenaire brands include the Super Source® books, Snap® Cubes, Link-Its® Links, and PentaBlocks™. The Cuisenaire acquisition expanded ETA's leadership in manipulative-based mathematics education and widened the scope of instructional support materials ETA/Cuisenaire offers in math and science.

Today, ETA/Cuisenaire is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in manipulative-based education and supplemental materials. ETA/Cuisenaire currently offers more than 7,000 products. Many of these materials, like the self-correcting VersaTiles® learning system, are developed by and manufactured exclusively by ETA/Cuisenaire. Our materials cover the areas of mathematics and science in grades K–12 and reading/language arts in grades K–6.

With the help of respected professionals, ETA/Cuisenaire develops products that meet the needs of educators for innovative instructional support materials. ETA/Cuisenaire materials in each curriculum area are aligned to the latest state and national instructional standards.

To learn more about our math, reading/language arts, and science products, or to inquire about our professional development services, visit us online at or phone us toll-free
at 800-445-5985.

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